Praece COVID-19 Status

Through this difficult time, we intend to deliver our clients the Praece experience they expect, while protecting the health of our team members, our clients, and our community.

Praece's team is working remotely, and fully available to help clients work safely and effectively. We have closed Praece's physical office, and have not yet set a re-open date. On-site visits are currently limited to critical work - please don't hesitate to ask, but non-essential on-site requests may be completed after restrictions are lifted.

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Stop worrying about IT.

Stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the curve

We’re your eyes and ears, and make technology your competitive advantage. We constantly hone our craft to the tune of consuming 10,000 articles, posts and datasheets monthly; we filter out the buzzwords and focus on the most relevant advances that impact your business.

Love your IT team

Love your IT team

Our techs and consultants are communicators first, and great tech minds second. We guarantee ridiculously fast responses. We make learning your company a priority - when you contact us, you immediately get a human who knows your business, your team and your culture, and communicates clearly.

Gain a trusted advisor

Gain a trusted advisor

We don't resell or engage in incentive agreements with vendors. Our recommendations are driven entirely by your goals and strategies. We build great vendor relationships and expertise in best-of-breed systems, but we're never tied to a specific solution.

Prove it

Don't take our word for it - click around and see what our clients are saying. Want to know more? We're happy to make an introduction.

Praece invests in learning your business and providing comprehensive solutions that make you more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

Mike Peterson Prospect Construction

Praece knows what they are doing both from a technical perspective and a business perspective – this combination is critical.

Shirley Legg Phillips Wesch Burgess PLLC

By working with Praece we have available to us the same expertise as large corporations - they are very valuable and very easy to work with.

Sue Benedict Fitchitt, Benedict + Clark P.S.

Integrity and excellence. Praece won't ever let you down - they are the superstars of their profession.

Marlene Grafius Riverdog Canine Coaching

Praece response times are ridiculously fast, and knowledge of IT is supreme. We feel like we are their only customers.

Teresa Marth Sustainable Interiors

The team at Praece Consulting not only provides phenomenal IT service - they have taken the initiative to maximize what technology can do to make our company more efficient.

Denis Khlevnoy Harper Engineering

PraeceTech One

Stop worrying about IT - get comprehensive IT support and strategic consulting from a team you love, with a fixed monthly price and guaranteed satisfaction.

Consistent team that knows your business
Unlimited top-notch IT support, 24x7x365
Proactive monitoring and backup
Collaborative IT strategy consulting
Vendor management
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Consistent, Knows Your Business

We value consistency - each PraeceTech One client is assigned a primary tech and consultant. We work in small teams, cross-train, and document obsessively. Suffice it to say, you'll never work with a stranger who doesn't know your company.

Hand-picked Quality

Our teams are hand-picked, with a focus on clear communication, friendly interaction and sound business principles. Sure, we're experts in our field - but more importantly, we are easy to work with and driven by your bottom-line goals.


IT Support

Fast Response, Always Available

We consistently shock clients with response times. We guarantee both remote and on-site windows, and regularly exceed these aggressive promises. Because we know not everything goes to plan, we're available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited support for nearly everything tech-related is included in PraeceTech One. We never charge extra for on-site work, remote job visits, or anything else - pricing is simple and open.

  • Desktops and laptops - Mac, PC and Linux
  • Servers - physical and virtual
  • Network infrastructure (wired and wireless)
  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Peripherals (printers, scanners, copiers, etc.)
  • Cloud services
  • Standard and specialty software
  • Backup and recovery assistance
  • VoIP phone services

You may notice we don't have a gaudy list of technologies to push. While our team is well-versed in a vast array of specific systems and services, we focus on client needs rather than buzzwords. If you have a question about our experience with specific technologies, say Cisco routers or AWS cloud services, contact us and we'll be happy to talk!


Have a need for custom development, a major system migration, or other project? As a PraeceTech One client, your Praece team drives value through their extensive knowledge of your business, whether quarterbacking the project or working closely with a third-party.


Monitoring and Backup

Network and Security Monitoring

Our 24x7x365 network monitoring means we'll know about issues before they affect you, and follow up to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. PraeceTech One also includes total security management, from initial assessment to implementing best practice throughout your network and on mobile devices.

Encrypted Off-site Backup

PraeceTech One clients enjoy unlimited encrypted cloud backup to secure SSAE16 datacenters. This process is completely automated - and restoration assistance, if required, is just a phone call or email away.


Strategic Consulting

Market Trends

Can't keep up with the buzzwords? We don't expect you to. PraeceTech One clients enjoy regular strategy consulting sessions, where our consultants and techs distill the most relevant technology advances that may impact your business, collaborate with you on an IT road map, and answer questions both business-specific and regarding general trends.

Process Optimization

If you have an inefficient workflow - anything from a deluge of paper to a clunky set of spreadsheets - we'd love to help analyze it and recommend a plan of attack. From new software to integration between existing systems or custom development - every problem is a bit different, and we can help find a solution.


If you are looking to move to a new system, be it cloud-based or traditional, we can help you evaluate options based on your specific goals. Picking the right vendor and system the first time is important - save time, energy, frustration and capital.


Vendor Management

Better Support and Negotiation

Praece expertise can give your company a significant advantage in dealing with tech-related vendors - most often by coordinating support and leading contract negotiations. We know the industry, know the competitors, and know the lingo. Together, these facts give us a leg-up in getting the most out of your vendors.

Unbiased Purchasing

We can also take day-to-day technology purchasing off your plate. What you see on the invoice is a simple pass-through of our expenses. We're a client advocate, not a re-seller, and never take financial incentives from vendors.

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Standalone IT Services and Consulting

The vast majority of our IT clients subscribe to PraeceTech One. However, in certain circumstances we'll take on IT services or consulting work for a client without PraeceTech One service. If you have a need, let us know! We'd be happy to take a look and at the very least point you in the right direction.

Contact us About IT Services / Consulting

Standalone IT Services and Consulting

The vast majority of our IT clients subscribe to PraeceTech One. However, in certain circumstances we'll take on IT services or consulting work for a client without PraeceTech One service. If you have a need, let us know! We'd be happy to take a look and at the very least point you in the right direction.

Contact us About IT Services / Consulting